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Essential. Reliable.

Our Window AC unit runs with R410A refrigerant which considered to be an Eco Friendly unit. Wind blows in multi-directional 3D air flow. Unit have Auto Restart function and Timer. Low Voltage on start up. Equipped with Filter Dirty Alarm and with our Dehumidifying function.


Eco Friendly.

A wise choice of Air Conditioners.


No Chlorine. Safer for the Environment.

Air conditioners that run on HFC refrigerants offer better air quality, increase comfort, improve reliability and more efficient.



1.0 HP U-J05-3R -  31,999.00 Php

1.5 HP U-J12-3NR -  35,999.00 Php

2.0 HP U-J18-3NR - 42,199.00 Php

2.5HP U-J24-3NR -  42,999.00 Php


Gree Window Type Inverter Remote Controller

    • Warranty

      One (1) year warranty on Installation labor and materials

      Five (5) Years warranty on compressor

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