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Duct Connection Middle Static Pressure TypeRefreshingly cool in every space of your place



Ceiling Concealed Ducted Inverter w/ wireless remote controller: 

2.0 HP - FBA50BVMA: 100,000.00

2.5 HP - FBA60BVMA: 120,000.00

3.0 HP - FBA71BVMA: 137,000.00

4.0 HP - FVA100BVMA: 168,000.00

5.0 HP - FVA125BVMA: 186,000.00

6.0 HP - FVA140BVMA: 199,000.00




A built-in antibacterial treatment that uses silver ion in the drain pan prevents the growth of slime, bacteria, and mold that cause smells and clogging.



As an energy saving feature, the room air conditioning unit can be interlocked with the hotel key card system



Position of drain pan inspection opening is modified for easier inspection work


Design and Installation Flexibility
- Only 245 mm high. Installation is possible even in buildings with narrow ceiling spaces
- Higher lift is realized. A built-in DC drain pump with standard accessory is utilized
- Bottom suction is available. Wiring and servicing can be done from the underside of the unit (an option part required).


- Switchable fan speed: 3 steps and Auto


- Silver ion anti-bacterial drain pan
- Adjustable E.S.P. – External static pressure can be controlled
- Airflow rate auto adjustment function
- Interlock control
- DIII-NET communication standard

Easy Maintenance
- Position of drain pan inspection opening
- Drain pan maintenance check window


High Efficiency
- DC fan motor and DC drain pump


Power Consumption

2.0 HP -  1.35 kW

2.5 HP - 1.64 kW

3.0 HP - 2.15 kW

4.0 HP - 3.01 kW

5.0 HP - 4.44 kW

6.0 HP - 5.69 kW


Dimension (HxWxD) mm

2.0 HP -  245mm x 1,000mm x 800mm

2.5 HP - 245mm x 1,000mm x 800mm

3.0 HP - 245mm x 1,000mm x 800mm

4.0 HP - 245mm x 1,400mm x 800mm

5.0 HP - 245mm x 1,400mm x 800mm

6.0 HP - 245mm x 1,400mm x 800mm





Duct Type Air Conditioner Inverter

  • one (1) year warranty on labor and parts 

    three (3) years warranty for PCB 

    five (5) years warranty for compressor

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