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Floor Standing Type First choice for outstanding coolness.

Indoor: FVFC71/100/140AXVL

Outdoor: RZFC71/100/140AVM


Cooling Capacity:


3.0 HP - FVFC71AXVL: 108,000.00 

4.0 HP FVFC100AXVL: 139,000.00

6.0 HP FVFC140AXVL: 174,000.00


What’s good about Light Commercial Airconditioning for Small-Medium Enterprises?

  • All-In-One Aircon Solution that is a blend of quality, affordability, and functionality!
  • Get your investment back in 15 months!
  • Has a high Energy Eciency with a 5-star rating!
  • Flexible installation for all models!
  • Easy One-touch Connection & High Quality Precision
  • Piping Method with Daikin’s TightFit (Gas Tight Joint)!


Indoor Unit Model

- Floor Standing FVFC71/100/140AXV


Outdoor Unit Model

- RZFC71/100/140AVM


Wireless Remote

- BRC52A62 (Standard)


Drain Pump

- Optional

Daikin Sky Floor Standing Type Inverter

  • one (1) year warranty on labor and parts 

    three (3) years warranty for PCB 

    five (5) years warranty for compressor

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