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Ways to Save on Electricity without Sacrificing Air Con Use

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Did you just get your electric bill? Did you almost get a heart attack?

During the pandemic when almost everyone stays at home, household appliances are used more often and for longer periods of time. Throw in the summer months, the heat in Metro Manila was at its peak. We make our air conditioners run almost 24/7 just to make the house a bit cooler.

Of course, this leads to electric bills in every household shooting up.

So is there a way to not have to choose between dying of heat stroke by electric bill?

Read on and do the following to lower your electric bill while still staying cool.

1. Make sure your air con is the right type for the size of the room

Make sure your air con is the right type and size for the room. A 1 or 1.5 hP window type or wall-mounted split type will do for a small room. But if it’s for a pretty larger area, then it will be more difficult for that air con to cool the room and will consume more power.

2. Use an inverter air con

An air con consumes a large amount of electricity the moment you turn it on. Why? Because that’s when it works the hardest to cool and set a certain temperature for the room.

A non-inverter air con will still consume that same amount of power even when the room has already achieved the desired temperature. While inverter air cons are pricier, they’re a great investment. Once they have achieved the target temperature, they lower their energy consumption so they conserve electricity for you.

RGL offers a variety of inverter air cons that suit your cooling needs!

3. Darken the room as much as possible during the day

Use blackout curtains or blinds that block most of the sunlight or don’t turn the lights on during the day. The idea is to help the air con cool the room easier and faster so that it consumes less power. Darker rooms can also make you feel chill and more relaxed.

4. Have your air con cleaned and maintained regularly

A dirty or ill-maintained air con needs to work harder to cool a room. At least clean the filter regularly to help your air con do its job. But to make sure that your air con gets cleaned and well-maintained, hire air conditioner experts to do the job thoroughly and properly.

RGL Air Conditioning has the experts who have the equipment, knowledge, training, and experience to make sure that your air con keeps you cool.

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